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Hard water and you

How water becomes hard When it rains the water falling from the sky is naturally soft, these droplets have yet to accumulate minerals. As water runs through soil and over rocks it breaks down minerals. These minerals accumulate and attach to water molecules through a...

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Arsenic on Bainbridge Island

While Bainbridge is one of the most beautiful and serene places to live, there is a hidden danger that lays below the surface. The Ferncliff aquifer provides many residences with water, water that contains arsenic. Arsenic exists in many forms and can change colors...

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Nitrates: The uninvited guest in our local waters

Health Risks and Solutions for Kitsap County Did you know that nitrates are a common contaminant found in Kitsap County’s drinking water? They can come from many sources, including agricultural runoff, septic tanks, and natural geological formations. Unfortunately,...

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