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If you live in Kitsap or Jefferson County, you may have water related issues such as hard water, manganese, tannin, PH issues, iron, chlorine, sulfur (that rotten egg smell), or nitrates or dissolved solids. The first step in fixing your water is to schedule a free in-home water examination. Based upon the results we can customize a system to meet your family’s needs.

WaterTech BlueMAX


The BlueMAX™ water treatment system filters out chlorine, chlorinated byproducts, chloramines, and dissolved organic contaminants (depending on your filter selection) delivering clean water to your home.

Download BlueMAX™ brochure (PDF)

How the BlueMAX™ works (PDF)

WaterTech DeepMAX


At less than $2/year to operate, the DeepMAX™ water treatment system captures dirt, sediment and organic matter down to 5 microns in size, purifying the water that enters your home.

Download DeepMAX™ brochure (PDF)

How the DeepMAX™ works (PDF)

FerroMAX water purification


The FerroMAX™ is designed to address high levels of iron and manganese that are above the level that a softener can treat.

Download FerroMAX™ brochure (PDF)

How the FerroMAX™ works (PDF)

The NeuMAX


Acidic pH can be very damaging to household plumbing. The durably built NeuMAX™ neutralizes the pH of your water, decreases copper pipe corrosion from acidic water and decreases blue-green stains on plumbing fixtures from acidic water.

Download NeuMAX™ brochure (PDF)

How NeuMAX™ works (PDF)

The NitroMAX by WaterTech


NitroMAX™ is a two in one system that removes nitrates and softens your water providing your home safe and soft water.

Download NitroMAX™ brochure (PDF)

How NitroMAX™ works (PDF)

OxiMAXAir by WaterTech

OxiMAX Air™

The OxiMAX Air™ system was designed specifically to address iron and manganese which cause unpleasant odors and staining.

Download OxiMAX Air™ brochure (PDF)

How OxiMAX Air™ works (PDF)

PurePro Reverse Osmosis

PurePro™ Reverse Osmosis

This system removes particulates all the way down to the atomic level.  Say good-bye to fluoride and enjoy the absolute best drinking water for as little as 25 cents per day.

Download PurePro™ Reverse Osmosis brochure (PDF)

Reionator Pro™

The Reionator Pro™ delivers the latest in home water improvement technology, using the most innovative scientific know-how to deliver clean, clear, healthy water.

Download Reionator Pro™ brochure (PDF)

Reionator Pro Ultra™

With the Reionator Pro Ultra™, enjoy the peace of mind knowing you can protect your appliances and plumbing for the long term. Enjoy a luxury that truly pays for itself.

Download Reionator Pro Ultra™ brochure (PDF)

SaltfreeMAX™ Water Conditioner

SaltfreeMAX™ Water Conditioner

The SaltfreeMAX™ Water Conditioner proprietary system removes hardness from your water and prevents scale build up without the use of salt.

Download SaltfreeMAX™ brochure (PDF)

How the SaltfreeMAX™ works (PDF)

SoftMAX™ Pro

The SoftMAX Pro system uses AquaHelix™ technology coupled with the Triton water softening smart valve, the world’s most innovative and efficient universal distribution system for water treatment.

Download SoftMAX™ Pro brochure (PDF)

SorbMAX Air by WaterTech

SorbMAX Air™

The SorbMAX Air™ by WaterTech is designed to remove the rotten egg smell caused by hydrogen sulfide.  This system also removes chlorine and chloramines which are commonly used to treat municipal water.

Download SorbMAX Air™ brochure (PDF)

How SorbMAX Air™ works (PDF)

UV-MAX Drinking Water System

UVMAX™ DWS11A Ultra Violet System

The easily maintained UVMAX™ Drinking Water System (DWS11A) is designed to provide your family with clean drinking water at your sink, and protects against cryptosporidium, giardia, and bacteria like E. coli.

Download UVMAX™ brochure (PDF)

How the UVMAX™ works (PDF)

UVMAX™ residential applications (PDF)

IHS12-D4 Ultra Violet system

UVMAX™ IHS12-D4 Ultra Violet System

When it comes to whole home protection from bacteria and viruses, this is hands-down the best product on the market.

Download UVMAX™ IHS12-D4 brochure (PDF)

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