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Warranty and Other Information

The following is important information we have learned over the past decade that some of our customers want to know, or that we are required by law to inform you of such as your 3 day right to cancel, or that help our customer make the most informed decision.  It is not meant to make it complex or difficult to work with us, these are just time tested items that we feel are important to share.  We would be happy to go over any of this with you and you can call me directly if you have any concerns.


Warranty and other important information regarding approvals and cancelations.

Our warranty is better than anyone in the business, if you find a better one, let us know.  We warranty our workmanship for life. If the problem is in any way related to our work, we will fix it at no additional cost to you. The Warranty of our product will be detailed in the brochure for the product, our products beat or are equal to all others in the industry, if you find a better one, let us know!

Water Quality Promise and the Importance of testing

We not only stand by our work, but we successfully treat the water for what we say we are treating for and only what we say we are treating for. The first step is testing, and we can always test for more contaminants if a customer requests us to. Then based only on the results we create a unique system designed just for your specific water results. We stand by this process and welcome post treatment testing to confirm the results!  If any failure occurs after the system is installed, we will have to test for more contaminants first, then if none are found we make it right at no additional cost.

No Shows

No Shows: We charge 125 to 225 dollars for a service call depending on your area.  If we are coming to you (even if we are coming out for free) we will charge a service call fee for any no-show appointment.

Installation Considerations

  1. Drainage: All water treatment systems require drainage. We will drain into existing drainage fields, Customer provided drain lines and can tie into sewer or septic in some cases as well. We always endeavor to follow all local codes and ordinances regarding proper drainage. Please inform us if you have any concerns over your drainage so we can be certain to meet all of your specific needs.  This may include drilling a hole in the wall and may include running piping outside and inside the home.
  2. Our systems must hook up to the closest point to your water shutoff, we can not replumb your system to bypass your hose spigots unless they are also plumbed close to the shutoff already.  In order to avoid violating plumbing code a licensed plumber would need to be contacted to bypass your outside hose spigots.  Due to the efficiency of our systems, in most cases bypassing the hose spigots is unnecessary.
  3. Power:  Our systems require power; the amount is usually the same as an alarm clock.  If you do not have an available plug near the installation location, you will need to have one installed.
  4. Our standard installation cost does not include: Drywall work, stonework, concrete cutting, concrete drilling, masonry work, roofing, carpentry, digging, trenching, or working on plumbing outside the scope of the installation.  We are not licensed to do non-water-treatment plumbing work. The space around the system installation location must be free of clutter and we need room to work, if we need to move stuff or clean before we work there will be an additional charge.
  5. Freezing and other concerns over piping and weather.  Our systems should not get too wet and they should not get too cold.  We will install the systems where we are asked to install them and confirm the location is acceptable.  Please note that while most of our customers have had no issue in uninsulated sheds some have had their systems freeze.
  6. Pipes run to and from the system must be in an insulated space.  If they must be run outside then it would be the customer’s responsibility to hire an electrician or plumber to heat the pipes if needed, per our licensing regulations the most we can do is insulate them if called for.
  7. Add-Ons to protect the system are optional but recommended
  8. The warranty on the valve does not cover damage or issues caused by sediment, this is why we offer sediment filters.  If installed with a pre-sediment filter we personally remove this exclusion thereby restoring the warranty to the valve in those cases.
  9. For an existing system: We only warranty systems that we sell and install.  It is common for older systems to fail and for that to be the hidden cause of a larger problem.  If we are connecting to or making use of any existing equipment, we cannot guarantee the final water quality.

Cost of Installation

Our installation cost is based on the most typical home, one with exposed plumbing accessible in a garage with an easy access to a drain line. In rare cases, it becomes necessary to increase the costs during the installation phase at a standard time and material basis. Customers are responsible for the cost of the work we perform for them. However, we endeavor to ensure our prices are accurate.

Buyer’s Right to Cancel

You may cancel this transaction, without penalty or obligation, within three business days from the signature date below. If you cancel, you must immediately make available to the seller at your residence, in substantially as good condition as when received, any goods delivered to you under this contract or sale and work with the seller to arrange for removal of goods.  After this date all deposits are non-refundable.

Seller must pick up in timely fashion and failure on part of seller to pick up in timely fashion where you made ample availability for pick up for longer than 20 days of the date of your notice of cancellation results in your right to retain or dispose of the goods without further obligation.  To cancel this transaction, mail via certified mail or deliver in person a signed and dated copy of your written notice to cancel to Pure Water Northwest at Po Box 316, Kingston, Wa 98346 no later than midnight of the third business day following the date the contract is signed.

If Buyer fails to pay the purchase price, or cancels the sale after installation is complete, Seller shall be entitled to take possession of the goods and the Buyer agrees to pay Seller’s costs.  Buyer agrees that this is subject to lien following all Washington state laws  upon failure to meet these obligations.  This is only in the case of non-recovery of deliverables or real costs.

Should any sum required by this Work Order not be paid on the date specified herein, it shall draw interest at the maximum allowed by law. This written Work Order provides all terms of the agreement between the parties and both parties agree that no oral representation or promises have been made.

Seller’s costs are defined as the cost of installation, the cost of any commissions paid to the Seller’s agents, the cost of any products furnished by the Seller to be used in conjunction with the goods, depreciation, and any attorney’s fees or related costs incurred by Seller to recover any amounts due to Seller.