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Iron is one of the most common issues found in well water, particularly in Kitsap County. High levels of iron can cause staining, clogging of pipes, and other issues. There are two main types of iron found in water: ferric and ferrous. Understanding the difference between the two is crucial to finding the right treatment method.

Ferric vs Ferrous Iron

Ferric iron is oxidized iron and is often visible in water due to its reddish-brown color. It typically forms when water containing ferrous iron is exposed to oxygen, either in the atmosphere or through aeration. Ferric iron is much harder to treat than ferrous iron as it requires a larger filter bed and more complex treatment systems.

Ferrous iron is dissolved iron and is typically not visible in water. It is often referred to as “clear water iron”. Unlike ferric iron, ferrous iron can be treated using a water softener system. SoftPro water softeners are an excellent solution for treating low levels of ferrous iron.

Iron Treatment Solutions

If ferrous iron levels are elevated, an Iron Titan system is recommended. Iron Titan uses air injection and filtration to oxidize and remove iron from water. If the iron level is really high or there are elevated levels of ferric iron, an Air Titan system is recommended. Air Titan uses aeration and filtration to remove iron and sulfur compounds from water. After the air injection process, the water is then treated with the Iron Titan system to remove the oxidized iron.

For municipal water sources with high levels of iron, the Reionator Pro system is recommended. The Reionator Pro is a whole-house water treatment system that uses a unique media blend to remove iron, manganese, and other contaminants from municipal water. The system also comes with a lifetime warranty when used on municipal water.

In conclusion, iron is a common issue in well water throughout Kitsap County. It’s important to understand the difference between ferric and ferrous iron and to choose the appropriate treatment solution. Pure Water Northwest offers a variety of treatment solutions, including the SoftPro water softener, Iron Titan, Air Titan, and Reionator Pro. Contact us today for a free in-home water test and consultation.